Eating well on any budget

Updated: Mar 11

Yes, It's Possible. We learned to eat well on a tight budget, while raising five kids.

Here are several tips that can help you eat healthy on any budget:

1. Plan Your Meals and Make a Shopping List

Planning is essential when it comes to saving money at the grocery store. Once weekly, take time to make your meal plans. Then, make your shopping list and plan the day of the week that you will shop.

Start your planning with once weekly, this will help build a good habit. Then progress to once every two weeks, for fresh foods, once every month for frozen foods.

2. Stick to Your Grocery List

It's very easy to get sidetracked at the grocery store, which can lead to overbuying of extras and expensive things. Also, try to shop the perimeter of the store first. This will help you to fill your cart with more healthy, whole foods. The middle of the store often contains the most processed and unhealthy foods. When you find yourself in these isles, look to the tops or bottoms of the shelves rather than straight ahead (the most expensive items are generally stocked at your eye level). By store brands, unless your favorite name brands are on sale.

Make your list and stick to it. More healthy, whole foods are on the perimeter inside the store.

3. Skip the Junk Foods

Junk foods not only add up at the register, they take a toll on your health. Junk foods are highly processed and contain many chemicals, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Your body will have to work hard to detox from, and you will eventually find yourself paying for more physical, mental and emotional wellness care.

Junk foods are highly processed and contain many chemicals, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

4. Eat at Home

Dining out is expensive. You can feed your entire family, at home, for the same price as buying one or two meals at a restaurant. Also by cooking your own meals, you know exactly what you are eating. Create an entertainment experience with your family by asking them to help out. If you are cooking by yourself, create a recipe collection!

By cooking your own meals, you know exactly what you are eating.

5. Alternate Meat with Other Proteins

High quality, humanely raised, pastured meats, provide your body with pure protein and nutrient dense, fat soluble vitamins. But, you can also alternate your protein needs by making meals with hight quality nuts, seeds, legumes and beans. Beans and legumes can be greatly affordable. So, enjoy making some meat-less meals too!

6. Buy Produce when it's in Season

Support your local farmer's markets and buy fresh, at the peak of nutrients. Often you can arrange bulk buying from local producers. So you can dry, freeze, and/or can for storage. When produce is not in season, buy frozen, it's nutritious and you can save buying in bulk.

7. Grow Your Own

Start your own garden, even if it's a windowsill herb garden, or a small indoor garden in a recycled wood box. Nothing like the wellness of knowing where your food comes from, when you grow it yourself! This is also a great way to meet and share with neighbors and friends.

8. Add Flavor

Adding herbs, spices and Young Living's Vitality Line* essential oils are great ways to incorporate flavorful nutrients into your meals, snacks and deserts! Young Living's essential oils are plant based goodness, zero herbicides, zero pesticides, harvested at the peak of freshness, distilled and bottled on farm, from Seed to Seal. See our recipes blog for inspirational shares on adding flavor to your foods.

Lastly, find a way to have some fun in the JOY of friendship. Every one of us struggles in one way or another, so include friendship potluck meals once a month or so. Take turns planning the themes, have fun, be joyful, create memories and eat well on any budget!

*Young Living's Vitality line of essential oils is approved safe for internal consumption; feel free to ask us more about Young Living and how it's high quality purity is the best!

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